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Gopichand keen on not doing experimental films

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Gopichand shares his views on commercial films. He says that he always follows the same commercial formula as the audiences do not come the theaters to see experimental films.“Yes, I like to do the same kind of commercial films with loads of entertainment as everyone wants to feel good when they watch a film. I don’t want to take a risk by doing an experimental film at this point of time,” he says.He adds that a producer, who puts a lot of money in a film, should get his money back. “There are many families living on a film’s production. So I can do an experiment film but the producer is going to suffer a big loss and he may not make another film,” he says. Gopichand’s father, the late T. Krishna, made great films and most of them were successful. “It was a long time back and at that time the audience mindset was different; now it has changed.”

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