Hackers Attack Trisha and Hansika’s Personal Accounts

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Hackers Attack Trisha and Hansika's Personal Accounts
Hackers Attack Trisha and Hansika’s Personal Accounts


In a shocking incident. Actress Trisha and Hansika’s mobile phones were hacked and all their data lost on Sunday.

Trisha’s phone was hacked recently, and the miscreants have deleted all the data which was saved on the phone. When she revealed this on her Twitter page, Hansika replied to it saying that she, too, has suffered a similar incident. Trisha’s tweet read, “My tweeps n friends who know my number, pls whatsapp yours and your name to me coz a certain jobless coward hacked n wiped my phone clean.” . Hansika retweeted it, adding, “And the same has happened to me !!! Grr. Guys please revert with your name at the end of your text. While we couldn’t contact Trisha, Hansika replied to us saying, “It’s quite a long story”.

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