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Happy 60th Birthday to the evergreen Brahmanandam

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The numero-uno comedy actor of Tollywood, Brahmanandam is that professional comedy actor who has grown by constantly reinventing the kind of characters he plays, and his wittiness and timing make him a nonpareil. The highest paid comedian, he does a new kind of comedy as opposed to the kind he was doing even till the last decade.

Some of the characters, like Ara Gundu in Aha Na Pellanta, Rama Chandra Moorti in Babai Hotel, Khan Dada in Money, Anandam in Jamba Lakadi Pamba, Chitragupta in Yamaleela, Writer in Shubhakankshalu, Lavangam in Manmathudu, Chary in Dhee, Brahmi in Pokiri, Bhattu in Adhurs, Padmashri in Dookudu, Kill Bill Pandey in Race Gurram are still refreshing.  Even after 28 years and about 1025 films, the accomplished comedian can seem entertaining and multi-dimensional in varied roles.

We wish one of the greatest comedians in the history of Indian cinema a very happy birthday and all the very best for his upcoming projects.

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