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Harsh drought in 4 states caused by El Nino

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This year the farmlands in India have been hit big time due to severe prolonged drought conditions affecting the agricultural and economic growth of the country. With September continuing to be hotter than the usual, the agricultural  trauma could continue and may also effect the Winter sowing that could exasperate the crisis  in four drought-crippled states and several others struggling with tough farm conditions because of a poor monsoon. Due to a strong El Nino which is otherwise called as the weather defect marked by  higher sea temperatures, is blamed for what could be India’s worst drought in three decades, barring the one in 2009.

The monsoon is now 16% deficient. According to  the meteorological department, the monsoon is now 16 percent deficient than the normal 12 percent of rainfall. Due to  slow wholesale inflation rate and fall in  global commodity prices may not fan prices too high beyond a point, but a “seasonal shock” is forthcoming according to trade analysts. This means prices of perishables, such as fruits, vegetables and milk, could shoot up.Karnataka is the first state to declare a drought in almost the entire state. Almost half of Maharashtra remains parched, although the state hasn’t yet notified a drought. Over a third of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are under stress.


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