Heroine, Anjali Reacts on Fresh Marriage Rumours

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Tollywood heroine. Anjali has responded on the latest gossip doing the rounds that she’d be marrying director Omkar. Shocked and stunned with this rumour, Anjali said, “I haven’t heard of this rumour yet. In fact, I have never met or spoke to Omkar. So, the rumours about my marriage are baseless.” Ask her whether she would be doing the sequel of Raju Gari Gadi, Anjali said that she is not aware of it so far. “I heard these rumours when I was shooting away in abroad. No one has approached me so far,” Anjali added.

Anjali disappointed with the failure of Sankarabharanam? Anjali replies, “Usually whenever my film fails, I feel bad and don’t come out. With Sankarabharanam, am happy with the way my role was received well. I got several appreciations for Munni role. Even media praised and several critics lapped up my performance. I wanted to do different in Sankarabharam and I did it. Am happy. But when I was narrated the film initially, it sounded good.”

Anjali talking about her past controversies, Anjali says that it would take sometime for her to completely recover from them. “I’m very sensitive so I definitely get upset with controversies surrounding me. Since I came from normal background, I am not used to controversies.

Whenever a girl is celeb, controversies do come into her life,” says Anjali. Ask her who are all Anjali’s family members and with whom she maintains close relation? Pat comes reply. ” I have a mom, two elder brothers, one elder sister. I’m the youngest of all and so, am close to all. All differences in the past were sorted out,” signs off Anjali who is eagerly awaiting for the release of her next Dictator which is slated for Jan 14 release.

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