“Heroines” Secrets in Guys Hands

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Actress from a distance and find it to be quite fancy and glamour filled. But those who are close to actresses know the real struggles and other activities of these starlets. And what better way to know about a person’s activities than check out his or her mobile phone.

The secrets of one actress have now fallen into the hands of two strangers, thieves to be exact. The name of the actress is Arshi Khan and she is a well known model in Bollywood. Arshi shot to limelight with her sensational statement that she had sex with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi.

News is that Arshi came out of a shopping mall when two guys on a bike snatched her valuable phone and scooted away. While she has filed a police complaint, those who are close to Arshi reveal she is more concerned about the various information and details she has in her phone than the phone itself.

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