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Hindi rights of ‘Rudramadevi’ sold for gigantic price

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The magnum opus ‘Rudramadevi’ staring Anushka Shetty directed by  Gunashekar is gearing up for release soon. The movie will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. Currently the movie is dubbed in Hindi.

The rights in Hindi have been bought by Reliance Entertainment and by Abhishek Pictures for a gigantic price. With the kind of success and money that Baahubali raked across the nation, even Bollywood buffs are looking up to Telugu films and this is definitely an added advantage for ‘Rudramadevi’.

The 3D conversion of the film is being done at the moment. Gunashekar is not taking a single chance for criticism which is why he is taking utmost care in every frame and department of the movie.  Important roles in the movie like  Rana Daggubati playing Chalukya Veerabhadra and Allu Arjun as Gona Ganna Reddy will be an additional feather in the cap for the film. ‘Maestro’ Ilaiyaraja took special care regarding the re-recording of this film.


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