Hit by woman’s car, man abducts her

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An unidentified man allegedly kidnapped a 40-year-old woman after she rammed her car into him in Virar on Tuesday.

Her friend, Nupur Shrivastav (50), who lodged a complaint with the police, said the accused kidnapped Shilpi Burma in an autorickshaw around 6.45pm on Tuesday. She said the man was in his 50s.

The incident took place after Shrivastav visited Burma at her home in Virar, said the complaint.

About 5pm, Burma offered to drop Shrivastav home in her car. Burma drove and Shrivastav occupied the rear seat. A few kilometres later, Burma rammed into the accused and an argument ensued, said Shrivastav.

When Burma opened the car lock to speak to the man, he forced himself on to the back seat and pulled out a revolver, said Shrivastav. He threatened the two friends and asked Burma to drive towards Dongarpada, a forested area.

At Dongarpada, Burma again banged the car into an electric pole and the car’s tyre punctured. The man allegedly asked the two to get out of the car, halted an autorickshaw and forcibly toook Burma with him in it.

Shrivastav, who moved to Virar two weeks ago, told the police that the man had robbed her of her cash.

She said that Burma’s cellphone had been unreachable since she was dragged away by the man.

The police registered a case of kidnapping.

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