Huccha Venkat bangs his head against jail walls – Movie Mint

Huccha Venkat bangs his head against jail walls

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The ‘Bigg Boss’ controversial actor-director Huccha Venkat has been jailed from past one week for making derogatory statements about Dr B R Ambedkar in a TV interview. With respect to the same issue Venkat aka Huccha Venkat has been issued a temporary and strict bail by the Civil Court. Popularly called as ‘YouTube Star’ and ‘Ban Star’, Huccha Venkat is still in the jail even after getting bail. The reports say that Huccha Venkat  has been issued a temporary bail which needs a signature as a surety. So, he is still staying behind the bars. Doctors who treated him inside the jail premises said that, Venkat is suffering from Schizophrenia and needs medication.

But, Venkat has repeatedly disagreed with the treatment claims his family members. Thus, after knowing about his mental illness, Venkat’s brother and sister have planned to send him to Nimhans for the treatment. Thus, none of the family members of Venkat has signed as a surety on his temporary bail and this has put Venkat in anger. On Dec 30, around 8.45 am Venkat has banged his head on jail walls.  Police officers have rushed Huccha Venkat to the hospital and he is being getting treatment inside the jail, says sources.

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