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Huge majority for Pandavar Ani

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The results of the election for 24 Executive Council members of the Nadigar Sangam have been announced.Out of the 24 members four will be those who have contested on behalf of former Nadigar Sangam President Sarathkumar’s team. 20 contestants of Pandavar Ani have won the Executive membership by polling more number of votes.

Ayoob Khan, Kovai Sarala, Sangeetha, Bala Dhandapani, Poochi Murugan, Sonia, Rajesh, Junior Balaiyah, Nandha, Ramana, Thalapathy Dinesh, Kutty Padmini, Pasupathy, Udhaya, Premkumar, Sriman, Vignesh, Prakash and Sivakami are those who supported Pandavar Ani and will now be a part of Executive council.

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