Huma Qureshi Verry Hot in New Denim brand Ad, Watch Video

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Huma Qureshi Verry Hot in New Denim brand Ad, Watch Video


The actress, who has often been a victim to body shaming, says people will never get discouraged by pessimists if they will focus on their work.

But that’s besides the point. The point here is that Huma has faced a lot of negativity in the industry for being “different”. She’s a couple of sizes bigger than most actresses in Bollywood, and frankly, that’s what makes her so beautiful and elegant. Some people, however, fail to see that. And Huma is making a point about exactly those people in a new ad she’s starred in, and might we add, is looking super hot

The actress took to her Instagram account and shared the video.

“Don’t let naysayers get to you, they can keep trying to pull you down. Some may ridicule you or discourage you, say mean and nasty things, spread rumors etc. But they can’t succeed if you’re focused on yourself and your work,” Huma said in a statement.

In the video for the brand, Huma said: “There are only two ways to deal with a bully — no, either you stop crossing paths or you give it back to the bully, because ultimately bullies are just really, really insecure people who basically are projecting their own sense of self worth onto the outside world.”

“Whoever I am today is because of the fact that I’m an outsider, because I don’t fit in. Who wants to blend in when they can stand out? I am Huma Qureshi and this is how I shape my world.”

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