I cannot live with out movies : Dileep, the new Bee around

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Dileep Gudur, a Telugu guy who hails from an NRI family did his debut in Both Tollywood & Sandalwood at a time.

We caught up with this new comer in the industry to know about his inspiration and so on!!

Excerpts from His Interview : 

3Tell us a Bit about Your debut and How did it happen??

I have been living by dreaming about movies and becoming a star one day. It’s been so unexpected that my debut in the industry happened. At the same time I feel very lucky to have been doing debut simultaneously in Sandalwood with the same movie.

Have You attended any Acting courses?

No, I have never attended any acting or film schools to take special acting sessions. But, I have learnt many by watching all the Telugu movies. I’m in fact a big movie buff all that to say (smiles). I have learned a lot from many and I don’t think that we need a classroom to learn something

How did you start approaching movie people and what was your first Break in industry?

I did my debut with the help of a Young hero Mr Manoj Nandam (Romantic Crime Katha hero). I still get goose bumps when I think about my first camera experience.

What is Your Dream role ?

My dream is always the same that I should be recognized as one among the current trends of the Industry.

With Due respect will You accept that acting is a tough job ?

In my opinion acting is nothing but of living the life in front of camera. I don’t have a separate meaning for acting and living 🙂

We all know many of the small films will not get released! If at all they did 90% of the films are failure at BO !! What are your comments on this?

Fortunately, I don’t trust all these as the main thing is though it a small or big the movie should have it’s own uniqueness and fresh fragrance in the story and the way we take the content to the audience decides the fate of the movie. I really don’t trust on hit/flop. I only trust my work and confidence

1Tell us something about your movie and heroine?

Well, the movie that currently I’m working is Darlinge Osi Na Darlinge in Telugu and the same is as Preethi Mathu cinema in Kannada. I feel lucky to get debuted in both the languages at a time. To be very frank I should give all the credits to my Heroine Megha Sree, who is an wonderful actress and I have learnt a lot while shooting for the movie in her company.

Finally who is your inspiration?

I should say it’s Prabhas who is my role model and yeah, you can see my Movie name also starts with his song name from Mirchi itself. When I have got to talk about Heroines I would always say it’s Soundarya garu, my first and everlasting lady love

Well, that’s it all about this Young and confident guy Dileep Gudur!! We wish him all the success (y) 🙂  




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