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I can’t count those 10 years as career: Nitin

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Nitin talks about his Career, Hits and Flops
Nitin talks about his Career, Hits and Flops

He entered Film Industry in 2002. He did 22 Telugu films and one Hindi film. Though he has 14 years of existence in TFI, he said 10 years can’t be considered as career. After a series of flops at Box Office, he said he learnt what to do and what not to. Actor, singer, producer, Nitin. His next film, ‘A Aa’ is gettin released on 2nd June. As a part of the film promotions, he had a small talk with media. He said a lot of things about his career, success and failures. Read it in his words,

It’s been 14 years that I started acting. But I can’t count 10 of them as career. I took wrong decisions and saw back to back flops. On good side, I learned a lot. I am still trying to bring out my best as an actor. I started understanding what suits by body language and public image since ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde’. After Rajamouli, if there is any director who took care about me is Trivikram. When I got a call from him, I first said Yes and then went for narration. I am blessed to work with top directors from the beginning of the career. A Aa is a well made family and youth entertainer. I have never played a character like this before. After a long time, I am very confident about my films again.

It’s rare to find people who confess their mistakes in film industry. Nitin said he didn’t sleep for many days after ‘Akhil’ movie. He is planning to produce a film for Pawan Kalyan.