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I didn’t take remuneration for ‘Oka Ammayi Thappa’: Sundeep kishan

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Sundeep Kishan worked free for 'Okka Ammayi Thappa'
Sundeep Kishan didn’t charge remuneration for ‘Okka Ammayi Thappa’

Oka Ammayi Thappa is n Action ad Romantic drama starring Sundeep Kishan and Nitya Menon. Rajasimha Tadinada wrote down story and directed the film. Anji Reddy is producing it. It is basically a story that pans around in the duration of 24 hours. It’s a high tension drama around a time bomb.

Sandeep Kishan said he agreed for a huge pay cut for this film as he doesn’t want the film production to fall short of finance to make it huge. ‘All of us really believed in the script and wanted to make sure it comes into life as a film. We didn’t want to compromise in terms of quality due to budget constraints. And so even my uncle (cinematographer Chota K Naidu) has taken no remuneration’ said Sandeep.

Rajasimha the director of the films said it is a small yet effective team he formed the movie. They had only 5 days to shoot on the real Flyover. Later they created a dummy set for the shoot and added some graphics for surroundings and localities.

The film has recently completed it censor formalities and got a clean ‘U’. According to the prior announcement, the film will hit screens on 10th June.