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I never said No to Tollywood: Ileana D’cruz

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Ileana is ready to work in Tollywood
Ileana is ready to work in Tollywood

Dusky beauty Ileana D’Cruz came to Hyderabad after ages. She came here for a store and gallery opening in Begumpet and interacted with media there. She answered for a lot of questions like doing films in Telugu and her relationship with Andrew.

Obviously the first question people asked her was, ‘Why did you stop acting in Telugu films? Is it for Bollywood?

She said, ‘No, No! I had to shift to Mumbai as I got more offers after Barfi. But I never wanted to leave Tollywood completely. I never said no to any Telugu film either. People simply stopped asking me for any films from here.

Media: ‘You are not in touch with your friends from Tollywood?

Ileana: ‘Of course I am! I am still good friends with Puri jagannath, Trivikram Srinivas and Rana. But that doesn’t mean I ask them to cast me or refer me right! One should feel I fit into the role and ask me for the film. I took an intentional gap for a year from films. But now I am singing again. I got a couple of Bollywood films in making and if I got any offers from here, I’d definitely consider.

Media: ‘When are you going to get married to your boyfriend Andrew Kneebone?

Ileana: Marriage is not a priority to us now. I don’t know when it is going to happen yet. But not any time soon.

So, film makers, did you get it? She is ready to sign up! Get her back, guys!

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