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I used to drive Bapu-Ramana to office and shoots: Mullapudi Vara

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Mullapudi Vara talkes about his association with Bapu-Ramana

Mullapudi Vara, the writer and director of upcoming Telugu film ‘Kundanapu Bomma’. He is the son of popular Telugu writer Mullapudi Ramana and son-in-law of his friend, illustrator and film maker Bapu garu. While his film is coming to theaters on 24th June, he talked about the film, his association with Bapu-Ramana and Bapu’s contribution towards his film.

Bapu and Ramana were always friends. They became relatives with my marriage. I married Bapu’s Brother’s daughter. So, he became my Mama (father-in-law). Since childhood I and my sister were more close to Bapu, just like his kids are more affectionate towards my mother. We used to go to him whenever we need to get something from our father. He used to call and recommend on behalf of us. I became closer after getting my driver’s license. I used to drive them to the office and shoot locations. That is where I learnt a lot about their work.

Bapu-Ramana is an undividable bond of friendship. You take one person’s name, the other comes automatically. Their family details are rarely mentioned anywhere. When he was asked if he never felt bad being ignored over the shadow of father’s friend?

I feel blessed to address myself next to their names. Why would I feel bad for being ignored? I am happy for the identification with the names of those legends.

Great people are great for a reason!

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