I want to do at least 3 films every year – “Style King” Ganesh

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The Golden star of kannada film industry is known for his energy and Boy-next-door looks. Since Challeta till Style King he has grown out of his way and been a star. He is more than ready to give you a glimpse to his unknown acting side with ‘Style King’.

style king-ganesh movie
style king-ganesh movie

Everyoen is looking forward for it. Why wouldn’t they? Ganesh is doing double role for the first time in his 10 year acting career. He is enjoying both Cinema and TV equally.
He says he enjoys his work and wants to do more of it. He doesn’t want to sit quietly at home. He spilled beans over his future plans in a recent interview. He wants to do more than 2 films every year. He thinks entertaining people is more fun. Yup! Why not?!
By the way, ‘Style King’ is releasing all over Karnataka tomorrow (13th May)