I was Asked to Stay Away from the House: Raghavendra

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I was Asked to Stay Away from the House: Raghavendra
I was Asked to Stay Away from the House: Raghavendra

For a debutant film maker, it is difficult to shoot in a location which is said to be haunted, especially in industry where sentiments are everything. But irrespective of all that, a 24 year old enthusiastic young man took the mega phone and completed the film he wrote down.

Raghavendra K Gollahalli (Known as Sumath to few) talked about his film and his experiences while filming it. ‘The house had been locked up for 17 years before I thought it could make for a good story and I decided to venture out there. People came with me opted out to accompany me inside. I went in alone, armed with just a camera. The massive structure is eerie. It was filled with more than five lakh bats, and the stench. You actually need to see that to believe how bad it was. The floor was filled with dust over a feet height and even had snakes inside. There are over 30 rooms in this house, all lying abandoned. The only thing that still remains in this house is a photograph of Naani, hanging on a wall. It was scary, so much that I took ill with fright on my return to Bangalore.

‘People asked me to stay away from that house’ added Raghavendra.

But that experience inspired me for writing a spooky story and it came out really well. Even the members of the censor board were spooked while watching the film; they stopped the screening and asked us to reduce the background score to be able to watch the rest of the film. It also offered the opportunity to explore the concept of test tube babies on the Kannada screen for the first time.’ Said the young film maker.

The film cast has Suhasini Maniratnam, Jai jagadish, Priyanka rao, Manish Chandra, Baby Suhasini and some more brilliant actors in it.

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