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‘Idhu Namma Aalu’ wasn’t worth enough all this waiting?

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Idhu Namma Aalu-Movie Review
Idhu Namma Aalu-Movie Review

It took the whole world for the film makers to get them back together for the sake of finishing the project. Perhaps the last time we see them as a pair on screen. Simbhu and Nayanatara is one of the most celebrated pairs of Kollywood, when they were a couple. It was equally sensational when they broke up. It gave enough news for the tabloids but the makers of ‘Idhu Namma Aalu’ went blank as the film was half done. When they somehow pulled the team together back and finished the film, audience were all eye to watch it.

But all this excitement got diluted by the time they come out of theatres. What made them disappointed? Let’s go step by step.

Story line:

It is a Rom-com which revolves around a young couple and their romantic life. Siva (Simbu) is acorporate employee who lives with his jobless friend Soori, in Chennai. When Siva’s father started looking matrimonies for Siva, he ends up with Myla (Nayanatara). Siva was more than attracted to Myla till he finds out she is not less than a CB-CID officer. She already made her background check up and finds out about his ex-girlfriend Priya (Andrea) and says she is her friend. Just at the moment he thinks it’s all over with Myla, she keeps toying with him over the phone, which rouses Shiva’s interest. There comes Priya again urging him to marry her. Who would he end up marrying and how did it happen is the rest of the story.


Watching Simbu and Nayan together in a romantic drama is enough for a reason to watch this film. It’s easier than a cake walk for Simbu and Nayan to portray those characters. Director Pandiraj’s sensitive portrayal of the romantic track is breezy. Emojis he used in the second half is fun. Simbu and Soori have many fun one-liners that will tickle your ribs. Adah sharma’s special song is energetic.


The story isn’t new, it’s very predictable. Second half of the film is filled with one-on-one conversations between Shiva and Myla. Too much of mobile talk. Clearly director has no idea about resent-day romances. The romantic scenes between Shiva and Myla are more boring than exciting. Simbu looks way too aged, he clearly need to lose some pounds.

So, now we can’t see it like any other romantic drama that is above average and can’t mark it in the list of special rom-coms. We don’t know if it’s worth all that waiting.. What do you think?