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I’m seeing a girl but not engaged yet: Akhil Akkineni

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As a leading daily published that both the Akkineni young generation heroes are getting ready for marriage and Younger one Akhil is getting engaged before his brother Naga Chaitanya, finally Akhil talked about the issue.

He said he is seeing a girl but the engagement rumors are rubbish. ‘She is a family friend and our parents know each other very well for a long time. I’ve even introduced her to my parents and they are totally chilled out. But all the families are not like mine right. Especially with Telugu families, we are supposed to follow a certain protocol for such things. She’s very far removed from the public glare, so I’d like to keep her away from the media for as long as I can’ said the actor.

As far as we could dig out, she is a good looking Hyderabadi girl who studied in New York and shortly planning to start her fashion Designing career in Hyderabad. She is from a well known industrialist family which is close to Akkineni Family. So, if Naga Chaitanya concludes something about his rumored relationship and gets engaged any time soon, we might get to see the pretty girl in the event. Let’s see.

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