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In real life, Kangana was beaten & left to bleed

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Recently, while talking to Deccan Chronicle, Kangana made a shocking revelation about her abusive relationship with a man from the film industry. She said she had been hit by a man from the film industry and left to bleed. But what she did next is really worth praising! She said, “He did not distort my opinion of me. I got up from the floor and hit him right back so that he bled too. And then I lodged an FIR against him.” She added, “I realised very clearly and very early in life that I don’t wish to be in any kind of relationship where someone else has an upper hand over me.” She went on to add that, “Sayani ladki kisi ko achhi nahin lagti. Most people thought, she must be a bitch, being in control of herself. The urban feminist. The lizard with frizzy hair!”

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