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India launches satellites for US by September end

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It is nano time for India where in our country will be launching 4 nano satellites named Lemur for US by the ISRO. The launch will be taking place in Sriharikota in India. This will be India’s first attempt to launch US satellite.  All these international satellites would be launched as co-passenger satellites to the Indian primary satellite Astrosat. This leonine launch will be taking place by this month end. These international co-passenger satellites are primarily meant for maritime applications using Automatic Identification System (AIS).

The weight of these four nano satellites from US is 28 kgs while that from Canada is 14 kgs and the other one from Indonesia is 76 kgs. ISRO has signed up an agreement with 6 countries to launch 28 foreign satellites. The six countries include Algeria, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore and US. All these satellites come in different shapes like primary, micro, mini, and nano satellites which will be launched between 2015 to 2017. Astrosat India’s first multi-wavelength astronomical observatory in space, is scheduled for launch on board India’s PSLV.

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