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Indian youth joining Islamic State rebels raises alarm

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The Ministry of Home Affairs called a meeting of the Directors General of Police and Home Secretaries from 12 states have held a meeting earlier this month to discuss about the alarming raise of cases involving young Indians either joining the Islamic State or going to join in support of the militants from the Islamic State. The Indian Express has showed an exclusive list of 17 Indians who are currently missing as reported by Indian and Foreign Intelligence Services.

Apart from the above mentioned list, a dozen of Indians belonging to Mujahideen clan are also touted to have joined the Islamic State where in the police have stopped at least 22 volunteers from travelling. The Indian Express reporters have visited the homes of the 17 youngsters to find out clues from their families about how and what made their off-springs and siblings to join the world’s most dreadful regime.

Last year, The Indian Express  revealed that four Thane youth  joined the Islamic State out of which only one, Areeb Majid, has  returned back home and was later  booked under terrorism-related charges. Three other Indian nationals, not in the list of 17, are thought to have been killed.



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