Indians in America on a quest for Diwali stamps of approval

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The Indian-Americans believe they deserve now a stamp of approval, a just recognition of their Americanness, their status in their country of choice as the Irish and Jewish people before them because the Indian-Americans  live in sprawling suburban homes, send their children to expensive private schools and donate generously to politicians running for office.They want a US postage stamp to commemorate Diwali, in line with Saint Patrick’s Day stamp for the Irish festival, and the Jewish Hanukkah.

The first attempt for a Diwali stamp was made 16 years ago, but that didn’t go very far, as also the subsequent attempts. This time, the community believes, it has a chance.“The love affair between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama should help,” said M R Rangaswamy, founder of Indiaspora, the organisation spearheading the effort.


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