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Iraq launches air strikes on IS

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According to reports from Defense spokesperson, Peter Cook, the U.S. Defense Department announced that Iraq has launched air strikes against the Islamic State group on Sunday. These air strikes were launched using American F-16 fighters. Iraq purchased four aircraft from America and they were delivered to the government of Iraq in July. This is to degrade and defeat the terrorist group otherwise known as ISIS or ISIL. Cook said that the Iraqi government has announced its first counter-ISIL air operations using F-16 fighter aircraft and he said that they really appreciate Iraq’s support and participation in the war against the IS.

Iraq also is expected to take delivery later this month of four advanced jet fighters from the Czech Republic. The four T159T1 warplanes are scheduled to arrive midmonth, Hakim Zamli, head of the Iraqi parliament’s defense and security committee.“The Iraqi military is better equipped compared to the past in terms of heavy weapons. With the arrival of these warplanes … it can be fully ready to defend itself and keep defeating ISIS on all fighting fronts,” he said.ISIS controls a wide swath of territory in Syria and Iraq.


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