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Is John praising his wife? Or nudging Bipasha?

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John Abraham Aims at Bipasha in an Interview
John Abraham Aims at Bipasha in an Interview

Bollywood’s eye candy and Bipasha’s ex-boyfriend John Abraham doesn’t seem to started taking it easy yet. It’s been over three long years that John and Bipasha broke up. A year later he got married to Priya Runchal, a financial Analyst from USA. Even Bipasha married her newly found love Karan Singh Grover recently at a grand wedding.

Bipasha is just back from her honeymoon and all happy. But John isn’t taking it well since day one. He always avoided the questions about Bipasha-Karan wedding. At a recent interview, he couldn’t escape the question. When the Journalist asked ‘Do you have anything to say about Bipasha’s wedding?’ He said ‘I wish her all the best.’ That echoed tones of sarcasm.

John and Priya are on a long distance relationship as she is been working in Los Angeles all these days. But now she is back and settled down in India. Talking to Mumbai Mirror, John spilled beans about why Priya is not seen outside many times and the answer is definitely poking a lot of people. He said,

Now she has joined me and handles everything, from my management to finances. She’s a good teammate, my partner in everything, but doesn’t like to go to too many functions. Anyone else in her place would love to come out in a red gown and walk the red carpet, she’d rather concentrate on credible causes. While some flaunt their partners on Facebook or Twitter, I hold her in high regard… Priya has a strong sense of self. She doesn’t want to be called an actor’s wife, she’d rather make her own space. She’s not enamoured by the glamour around, her biggest strength is her simplicity and that’s something I find attractive across the board.

Do you think he is aiming at Bipasha and her posts in Twitter and Instagram about her wedding and husband?