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Is Prabhas Bollywood Entry confirmed ???

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PrabhasThe biggest Telugu Movie project as of now is Baahubali, Directed by Rajamouli. Apart from this Rana, Anushka and Tamanna are playing the key roles in this film. The Director Rajamouli is already making efforts to market this film internationally. So mostly Prabhas will become popular in both Bollywood and Hollywood. Its heard that recently, Prabhas got a chance in Bollywood. A famous Bollywood producer met Prabhas and narrated the storyline. It seems Prabhas said OK for the Hindi Movie. Prabhas may give an entry into Bollywood after finishing the “Baahubali” movie shooting. If Baahubali comes out as a super hit then the stardom of the star “Prabhas” may rise nationally.

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