Is Prithviraj going to fly a plane for real ? – Movie Mint

Is Prithviraj going to fly a plane for real ?

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Prithviraj who is currently working for his upcoming movie ‘Vimaanam’, will be essaying the toughest role till date. The movie is directed by Pradeep M Nair who will bring out a differently-abled mechanic piloting an aircraft 800 meters above sea level.
Recently Pradeep M Nair opened up saying, “Vimaanam is an inspiring tale of a man achieving his dream despite all odds. Prithviraj will play a differently-abled youth who drops out of school after his pre-degree to build an aircraft that he can fly.”

He also adds to say, “This is a fictional story and only a few portions have been inspired from Saji Thomas’s life. Prithviraj will not be seen as a hearing-and-speech impaired protagonist, and Vimaanam is a musical love story. He is a desi mechanic of sorts. I don’t want to reveal more about his character right now.”This movie is not based on the real-life, speech- and-hearing-impaired hero Saji Thomas, who built an ultra-light aircraft all by himself but a little bit from his inspirational story. The movie is likely to have a lot of aerial shots with Prithviraj’s character flying the aircraft.

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