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Is Vijay playing tripple role in Puli?

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The upcoming movie of Vijay’s magnum opus PULI is not yet released but sure is raising every ones eyebrows in terms of it’s making, budget and story line. The movie is gearing up to launch its trailer on the 15th of this month.

There are several speculations doing the rounds pertaining to this movie. One of them being that Vijay plays a triple role in the movie where in one character is that of a normal youngster, the second one is of an old father and the third as a dwarf. From a recent song in the movie, looks like Hansika is paired with the princely Vijay, Shruthi Hasan with normal Vijay and may be Nanditha Swetha to be paired with the dwarf Vijay. So we need o wait and watch to find out if the speculations turn out to be real in September.

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