It is not impossible to complete a Bi-lingual in 40 days: Govi – Movie Mint

It is not impossible to complete a Bi-lingual in 40 days: Govi

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Goverdhan Reddy: Nayaki Director
Goverdhan Reddy: Nayaki Director

After the 2014’s romantic drama ‘Love You Bangaram’, director Govi is coming back with a retro horror Bi-lingual ‘Nayaki’. Titled as Nayagi in Tamil, this Trisha starrer has got enough buzz in both the industries. Saying that S S Rajamouli’s tweet gave them more confidence, the lawyer turned film maker shared some interesting details about Nayaki and Trisha as well.

Why do you want to cast Trisha for a horror film?

I’ve been seeing a lot of horror films releasing every month. I wanted to try out some new concept and I needed a star heroine who can be a hero for my story. I preferably wanted to go for an actress who didn’t do horror yet but can hold the weight of the subject. I eventually ended up with Trisha who has equal craze in both Telugu and Tamil industries and never did horror or Retro look so far.

Trisha’s look is very different and why is that?

Trisha’s look is custom made for her. When I am working on the final levels of my script, I scribbled some looks and showed it to her and my producers. We even did a trial photo shoot which came out really well and we in fact released some of those images before the film is done. Though my whole story goes around that retro look, the day I saw Rajamouli tweeting the first look image, I got my confidence levels doubled. Now I am very sure people would love the film and her look in it.

We heard that you wrapped up the shoot in 40 days…

Well, we started the film with a very small budget. But once we started the work, my producers came to me and said we are getting more funds so forget about the budget and do whatever you need to do. But it isn’t fair to simply spending money on unnecessary things so I allotted more portions for the technical richness and post production. I gave 45 days schedule to my producers. But since I spent good enough time on papers while scripting and my whole cast was so dedicated and co-operative, I was able to finish it in 40 days in both languages. Unlike what we think, it is no impossible to finish a film in 40 days. We just need to plan well and prepare well.

Tell us about your cast..

I am still amazed by Trisha’s dedication. Since it is a very specific look, it takes around 2 hours for every change. She used to some 3 hours earlier to the sets to get ready. There were times when she did 5 changes in a day. Completing the shoot in that short span wouldn’t have been possible if it’s not her. Ganesh Venkataraman who played the love interest of Trisha in film did an amazing job too. Satyam Rajesh is one of the artists with a lot of ease. I am glad to introduce him as a main lead. He was equally excited and in fact kept a break for a lot of other films to give us dates. Sushma Raj will be seen as his pair and she did her part impressively well too.

Though it’s been over 9 months that you released First Look, you managed to keep people excited about the film..

It wasn’t an easy task, though! Our team was very excited after the first look photo shoot so, we’ve released the images immediately. People usually do that when film shoot is partially done. By the time we are done with shoot and film is under post production, we hardly have any other ways to promote the film and I was very worried that film might lose it’s gloss by release time. Then our music director Raghu Kunche suggested me, ‘Why don’t we make Trisha sing a song?’ she never did it before and it worked like charm for us. The song came out well and in fact topped the charts that week.

So when are you releasing the film?

We have completed censor for Telugu version. I’ve got amazing compliments from the Jury here, which includes four females who are impressed by the film and congratulated me. I managed to get an A without any cuts. We’ve slated 8th July as release date for Telugu. Tamil censor is still happening. May be in a day or two we will get that as well. Though we are planning the same date, it isn’t allowed to announce a date without clearing censor. So, I’ll announce it soon after we get the clearance certificate.

A Retro-Horror that has a dash of comedy in it.. It is tickling our nerves and can’t wait to watch it on big screen. We wish Govi and the whole team of Nayaki all the very best. See you in theaters.

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