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It took Tons of Guts to use the Word ‘Anthem’: Vivek Pattabiram

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Vivek with Shankar Mahadevan
Vivek with Shankar Mahadevan

Vivek Kaipa Pattabiram is an avid film maker who is not afraid of taking chances. For a newbie in film industry, he is very gutsy and confident about his work. Saying his experience of apprenticeship with ace film makers from Kollywood helped him to develop his own route towards movies, Vivek shared his excitement about his directorial debut, ‘Women Anthem’ and his future plans.

Is this your first project?

In one way, Yes. I worked for a lot of Ad films in direction department. I was assisting S.P. Hosimin for about 4 to 5 years (who was a deemed Associate director for S Shankar) and learned a lot from him. Now, I want to try my hand on main stream film making. ‘Women Anthem’ is to check myself where I stand and if I can exhibit my thoughts as I see them.

Why a ‘Women Anthem’?

First of all, it took tons of guts to use the word ‘Anthem’. But I want it to be as significant as it sounds. Along with everyone else, I have been watching all the videos, reading a lot of articles about women empowerment. But rather empowering women, most of them end up provoking women saying they are being suppressed under Male dominance. I feel if there is anything has to be done, women need to be appreciated for what they are. They just need an acknowledgement that we are aware of their power. That is what I did show in the video.

How did you manage to rope in Shankar Mahadevan?

To be honest, it didn’t take many efforts to get him sign for the project. Not at least as much as it took to prepare the concept and other arrangements. Our executive producer Dharmesh Tank took care of everything. He had been very supportive through out the journey. He got in touch with Shankar Mahadevan and explained him about the project. later i sent him the details He was very happy and said he is glad to be a part of this. We recorded in one of the best studios of Mumbai and got the best sound engineers, we are all very thankful to Dharmesh for for being a pillar.


For the first project, it is not a small one. Who supported you?

Definitely my producers Pavan Kumar Goud and Mahesh Kumar Kodi. They are with me from the beginning and trusted me like no one else. They had faith in the concept and did everything they could to get it live. AM Turaz who is a famous lyricist and wrote many popular songs in Bollywood accepted to write lyrics for this song, which is very generous of him.

My DOP, R. Aravind Kumar is one of the main assets for the song. He shot in the most difficult environments and now i can proudly say all those beautiful shots you see in the video are filmed in natural light. Subhash Anand, the person i grew up with. He knows in and out of me. That is probably the reason he was able to depict my thoughts into his tunes.

And my team members. Everyone invested their soul and heart in it and worked day and night along with me.

Looks like you shot in different locations. Hyderabad looks like a fairyland in your video.

Yes we tried to cover as many various localities as we can. We gazed every corner of Hyderabad. Rather than just going around the country, I wanted to capture more of the real essence of womanhood. We shot in Hyderabad and a village nearby. I wanted to portray the real modern and rural Indian woman and the different roles she play in terms of career, personal life and social life. I want this video to be a mirror image for every female and give them a chance to feel proud about their own selves.

Now you have the final copy. When you watch it now, do you have any regrets? Or any aspect that you think could’ve been done better?

We have done as much as possible within the sources and budget. If there is any regret, that’ll be just we couldn’t capture much of corporate women. I wanted more elevated shots for Air hostess and some other professionals. I wanted to shoot the red light areas of Mumbai. There are many lives that use their body as a source of income to take care of their dependent families. There lies the real sacrifice.

Any Future projects?

After the successful completion of ‘Women Anthem’, my producers want to invest in my feature film. Pavan Kumar already produced a film ‘Komali’, which will be released soon. Mahesh kumar is into eatery. He owns a couple of restaurants internationally. Now he wants to get into film production.

It will be a socio-fantasy with a lot of inputs about unknown Indian cultural that were demised but will be a commercial entertainer. Pre-productions works are going on. New hero Dheeran will be introduced with this film. He is son of well known cinematographer Keshavan. Rest of the crew will be debutants too.

Vinod Kumar will be doing cinematography My friend Subhash Anand will continue to work on m,usic for my feature film as well.

The zeal for film making is quite alarming. It won’t let you sit idle. It is nice to come across such film makers with views, plans and morals together. Let’s wish him all the best.

Meanwhile, watch the ‘Women Anthem’ once again and join hands for celebrating womanhood.

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