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Jaggu Dada Cleared, but Kalpana is stuck!

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Jaggu Dada Cleared, but Kalpana is stuck
Jaggu Dada Cleared, but Kalpana is stuck

You remember we talked about how CBFC couldn’t give clearance to Darshan’s ‘Jaggu Dada’ since there is an objection from Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). There were Pigeons flying in the background in one of the climax scenes and there was a scene with a horse and Darshan chases it to get on to its back. Apparently AWBI asked for an explanation for these scenes and the issue wasn’t cleared until two days before the film release scheduled day. However, the film makers were able to give right explanation to the board and got the film released on 10th June as slated.

But now another super star Upendra’s ‘Kalpana 2’ is in the same problem. The sequel of 2012’s horror comedy, ‘Kalpana’ has a scene where bats come out flying. Upon the board’s objection, director informed them that Bats are created in CG (Computer Graphics) and they’ve sent a couple of CDs with that copy. Unfortunately neither of the CDs worked thus the report is ‘Disapproved’.

AWBI said, ‘Not approved. The applicant to send two fresh CDs as the CDs sent did not open.

The film is scheduled to release on 22nd July and the makers have ample of time to reapply and submit another CD for reference. Let us see what happens.

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