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‘Jaggu dada’ faces objections from Animal Welfare Board of India

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Darshan's Jaggu Dada gets objections from AWBI
Darshan’s Jaggu Dada gets objections from AWBI

Chalenge star Darshan’s film ‘Jaggu Dada’ is in trouble. The Raghavendra Hegde’s directorial was sent for censor certification in the last week of May. The producers didn’t announce any release date yet as the censor formalities are not done. Just at the moment they thought, everything is going smooth, a scene with a White Pigeon was spotted by AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of India) and the film is asked for re-evaluation. In their last meeting, the board has declined the scenes as ‘they used white pigeons which is protected under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972

The CBFC does not give a certificate to a movie till it gets a no-objection certificate from the AWBI. Now the film is in deep trouble as the scenes that are objected are the climax scenes. They cannot cut them away or edit them. These are the scenes that were questioned by AWBI.

Climax scene, marriage scene with a person on a horse, crackers burst behind the horse (to be created in CG), horse running away from the scene, hero stops the horse and comes back riding to the marriage venue, hero and villain in fight sequence, Pigeons in the background flying and sitting on a bench behind the artist.

What is going to happen next? We’ll only know that after their final meeting with AWBI on Tuesday.