“James Bond” Lip Kiss Hurts Indian Fans

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James Bond will be having a lot less fun in India when SPECTRE opens here this week. The Censor Board has rated the film UA but with four cuts two scenes have been chopped and two dialogues deleted.

Releasing on 20th November in India, “Spectre” was censored the other day for screening in India. The film will be releasing in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil, After watching the film, Censors have asked the makers to cut short the length of the kissing scenes by 50%. These days lip kisses are prohibited on Indian screens, as a cultural move.

Chief Censor Pahlaj Nihalani told  that he had nothing to do with the edits ordered. “I have nothing to say on the matter. The film has already been passed with the cuts. I have a say in the matter only when there’s a problem. The file has not come to me,” he said.

Three years ago, The Economist produced this chart comparing how the various screen Bonds over the years fared in the three departments the suave secret agent is best known for. Until 2012, Daniel Craig’s Bond was bottom of the bedroom list, perhaps because he put away the most number of martinis.

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