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Jeethu Joseph about Mohanlal’s son, Pranav

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In a recent interview given to a local Malayalam magazine, Jeethu Joseph conveys his respect and regards to his assistant director Pranav Mohanlal and shared some of his experiences with him. According to Jeethu, his assistant director is highly talented and very down to earth. He is well mannered and well behaved for his age. Jeethu clearly mentioned that he adores him not because of his star kid status but for the king of good hearted person that he is.

Even though Pranav is the son of Mohanlal, he never acts pricey or behaves like a spoiled youngster. He is extremely hard working and has his own signature style in whatever he does. In one of the incidents recalled by Jeethu, he mentioned that Pranav’s maternal uncle Suresh Balaji, who was the producer of the film had booked a room for him in the same hotel where the stars stayed. But  Pranav refused to stay there, as he wanted to stay with the rest of the assistant directors. He was completely enjoying the role of an assistant director and loved to be with his team members. Well looks like this star son is going to have a great successful career in Mollywood with such discipline and good behavior.

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