John Abraham talks about his Chemistry with Varun

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John Abraham talks about his Chemistry with Varun
John Abraham talks about his Chemistry with Varun

Multi-starrer films are not new for B-town Hulk John Abraham. He neither gets any insecurity with them nor tries to stand out. His charm effortlessly makes him look amazing on screen. ‘Desi Boyz’ is the proof for that statement.

His latest Multi-Starrer with Varun Dhawan exciting everyone and ready to get released on 29th July. Talking about this Action comedy and it’s team John said,

I think just all of us coming together is fantastic… Rohit is like my little brother. After ‘Desi Boyz’ I am coming back with him… Varun and I, what you see on screen, our chemistry is absolutely fantastic’

The film features Jacqueline Fernandez and holds the title of come-back for Akshay Khanna after four long years. ‘I’ve worked with Jacquline before and I’ve teamed up with her again, she is a sweetheart. I am a huge fan of Akshaye. The fact that he is in the film means so much to me personally. He is a fantastic actor.’ Said John talking about his co-actors.

He says the film has nothing to do with ‘Dhoom’ and it’s the story of kidnapping of an Indian cricketer 36 hours before an India-Pakistan final match. The makers say it is going to be an Action Adventure Franchise and will go up to Dishoom 8.

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