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Jr NTR in Rajamouli’s Mahabaratha

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SS Rajamouli on many occasions has quoted that he loves the genre of epics. He also stated that it is his dream to make a movie on Mahabaratha. Well after what we have seen from Bahubali, without the drop of a hat, anyone would say it is only Rajamouli who can do justice to a movie like Mahabaratha.

Recently when he was pondered with questions about which actor he would choose for the role of Lord Krishna, he immediately said Jr NTR in the current league of younger actors as NTR is different and unique in terms of acting, dialog delivery and expressions. So in the future, if Rajamouli is going to direct Mahabartha, take it for granted that the role of Lord Krishna will be played by no one other than Jr NTR.

At present Rajamouli is engrossed with the pre-production work of Baahubali  2.

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