Juhi Chawla Reveals how SRK helped get Through her Mother’s Passing Times!

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Juhi Chawla Reveals how SRK helped get Through her Mother’s Passing Times!



In the 90s, Juhi Chawla was one of the established actresses in the film industry. The actress gave hits after hits since her debut. In 1998, Juhi Chawla worked in Duplicate starring Shah Rukh Khan in a double role. On May 8, the film completed 19 years. On the 19th year, Juhi Chawla made some interesting revelations about her co-star Shah Rukh Khan.

Juhi Chawla lost her mother while shooting for the film in Prague.”I lost my mother while shooting for Duplicate. We had reached Prague and it was Karan’s (Johar) birthday the next day, so my mother and I bought a gift for him. Next morning, before I went for the shoot, she left for a walk and never came back. It was very traumatic because just a day before we had reached there and three days later after she met with an accident, we were bringing her back in a coffin. It was devastating for me,”

“He was the person who consoled me, as he had seen his parents pass away before that and knew the pain of losing a parent. So, he was trying to make me laugh and forget things,” Juhi Chawla added.

Juhi also shared that she would look forward to work with Shah Rukh Khan after the death of her mother as Shah Rukh Khan would make her laugh and forget things. “I realised that the only way to come back to life was to go back to work and I did go back for Duplicate and Yes Boss—both were with Shah Rukh Khan. Soon, I would look forward to the day because I knew I’d see him (SRK) there and somehow he’ll be fun and I’ll forget for that while what has happened and be okay with it as a bad dream. So in a way, he was special because he could just help me through that very difficult time of my life. So I have bitter sweet memories of this film,” Juhi Chawla said.

”I remember I was working with Shah Rukh Khan in Yes Boss (1997) at that time and after the shooting, we were at some bungalow in Mumbai when he sat me down and gave me a whole lecture for more than an hour on why I should be doing the film [Duplicate].”

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