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‘Jwalantham’ to release soon

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The movie ‘Jwalantham’ has completed its shooting is all set for a grand release next month. The movie is unique with an amalgamation of mystery, history and varied emotions. Its about an archaeologist who discovers strange events and how the villain tries to captivate the hero and his discoveries forms the crux of the story. Currently is at the verge of completing its dubbing work. Vikram Subramanyam has scored music for four songs. Ambarish is making debut as story, screenplay and dialogue writer besides director of this film. Arasu Anthare is the lyricist of the film. Jwala, Deepa Gowda, Deepthi, Achyuth Kumar, Benaka Pawan, Gautham, Krishna Adiga are in the cast. The movie is planed o be released in the month of September.

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