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Kaashmora Movie Review & Rating

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Kaashmora Movie Review & Rating
Kaashmora Movie Review & Rating


Kaashmora  is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language dark fantasy film written and directed by Gokul. It features Karthi,Nayantara and Sri Divya in the lead roles. Santhosh Narayanan composed the film’s score and soundtrack. The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 28 October 2016.

Kaashmora‘ is a social mass masala entertainer. ‘Kaashmora‘ belongs to the league of grand, thrilling films like ‘Arundathi’ and ‘Baahubali’. Film has 1800 shots. For this we have erected 19 sets and did 90 mins of graphic work. Karthi did a fabulous job in showing variation between different characters he played in the film. We are releasing the film in more than 600 theatres in Telugu states and this will be the highest release for Karthi. Film will release in more than 2000 theatres in both Tamil and Telugu worldwide.”

Kaashmora‘. Meanwhile ‘Baahubali’ got released and set the new standards for visual effects in Indian cinema. After ‘Baahubali’ ‘s release we stopped shooting for two months and redesigned VFX and some designs before resuming the shooting. 25 VFX companies worked for this film. We shot the entire film in Chennai itself. For this we have rented a Factory for two years and erected 12 sets in it. Art Director Raajeevan has designed these sets with utmost detailing. We also used 3D Face Scan Technology for this film. Director Gokul and his team worked very hard and spent many sleepless nights for this film since the last two years. It’s because of such hard work only, we were able to extract such quality output. Backdrop of Raj Nayak character resembles the periodical episode of ‘Magadheera’. We even designed costumes according to our culture which was influenced by Mughal’s culture. Director Gokul made extensive research for Raj Nayak’s character. He rejected 12 well made designs before finalising costume for Raj Nayak’s character. ‘Kaashmora‘ is a perfect festival film mixed with all elements.

“Kaashmora” Movie Cast & Crew:

Directer:  Gokul
Producer:  S R Prakashbabu S R Prabhu
Written by:  Gokul
Starring:  Karthi, Nayantara, SriDivya, Vivek
Music Director:  Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography:  Om Prakash
Production company:  Dream Warrior Pictures
Distributed by:  Thenandal Films (Tamil) PVP Cinema (Telugu)
Language:  Tamil & Telugu

“Kaashmora” Movie Story Line | Nayantara, Karthi,  Sri Divya

Karthi plays a triple role in the movie of which two characters (self-obsessed warlord named Raj Nayak and a black magician) have been revealed. The third role has been kept as a surprise for the audience. Nayanthara has enacted the role of princess Nayanthara and Sri Divya will be seen as a student, who is doing a research on sorcery.

Kaashmora has a different subject which is relief from the run of mill stories and has Lightervein scenes. On the flip side , Few scenes are very lengthy and tests patience. Only one song ” Dhukku Dhukku saar ” is watchable. Overall , an average first half !

700 years ago flashback opens with Great war episodes . These scenes output is good. Karthi as Raja Nayak is ferocious. Nayanthara as Ratna Mahadevi , 700 yrs back war scenes was superb so far ! The movie is appealing now. Hoya Hoya song between Ratnamahadevi , Raj Nayak. Outstanding artwork , Sets and Melodious tune. Good Song . Kashmora second half is totally unexpected output so far ! Especially flashback. With a shocking scene, Kaashmora flashback comes to an end. The remaing full story will be updated soon.

Plus Points:

Karthi Performance in multiple roles
Arundhati + Baahubali inspired flashback works.
Horror comedy
Songs are good
Visual Effects
Different  Story Line

Minus Points:

Run Time

MovieMint.com Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by MovieMint Team


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