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Kabul’s deadly terror attack

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A powerful truck bomb detonated through the center of Kabul just after midnight, killing 15 innocent people and wounding 240 others in the first attack. Less than 24 hours later, as many as 20 Afghan military trainees were killed when a suicide bomber dressed as police officer blew himself up at the entrance of Kabul Police Academy.

The Taliban stayed aloof from the first bombing that struck near a Kabul military base — as they usually do in attacks that result in a large number of civilian deaths.
But the rebels were quick enough to declare  responsibility for the second attack, which marks a serious rift of security at a premier training institute for Afghan security forces.The bloodshed shows the increasing  insecurity in the nation amid a deposing peace process with the Taliban as Afghan forces face their first summer fighting season without full NATO support.Today’s bombings are the first primary  attacks after Mullah Akhtar Mansour was named as the new Taliban chief last week, in an insane  power transition after the rebels  declared  the death of longtime leader Mullah Omar.Analysts  claim that  the elevating violence demonstrates Mullah Mansour’s pursuit to emanate  his image among Taliban cadres and shift focus away from internal divisions over his leadership.

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