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Kadha solla porom, a children’s film with fun and emotions

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The producer and director S. kalyan took more than 2 years to give his debut film a shape and finally is ready to hit screens on May 20th. He started a film with 20 kids in 2014 and after a lot of hurdles, he managed to carve it and the final output is ready now.
Coming to the subject of the film, it’s a story of 20 kids who is growing up in an orphanage and longing for mother’s love. How did they find it is the whole narration! Most of the child artists are new faces for the silver screen. But the director managed to get the best out of them all. The film has completed the censor formalities and got good applause from the board as well. They have also granted the tax exemption along with the compliments.
You can see Baby Shibana, Raveena, Aravind, Raghunath, Arjun, and Jeni along with artists like Aadukalam Narain, Vijayalakshmi and Kali Venkat in the movie.

Katha Solla Porom – Official Teaser | Kaali venkat | Aadukalam Nareyn| Motta Rajendran | S. Kalyan

கத சொல்ல போறோம் – Katha Solla Porom (English – We are gonna tell a story), is an upcoming Tamil movie written, directed and produced by debutant S.Kalyan, of NAALAYA IYAKKUNAR fame..