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Kajol on SC ruling: I stand up whenever I hear national anthem

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Kajol on SC ruling: I stand up whenever I hear national anthem



Indirectly commenting on the Supreme Court verdict that it is no longer mandatory for cinema halls to play the national anthem before film screenings, Bollywood star Kajol says she “automatically” stands up whenever she hears it. The apex court yesterday amended its previous judgement and left it to a government panel to frame guidelines on the sensitive matter.

Asked about her opinion on the same, Kajol told reporters, “I can’t speak for everyone else in the country. But whenever I listen to the national anthem I automatically stand up.”

She was speaking at the Swachh Aadat Swachh Bharat campaign launch, of which she is the ambassador. Kajol was also asked about the 12 per cent tax levied by the government on sanitary napkins.

The actor said the administration will decide what is best and she would refrain from commenting as she did not have any expertise on the matter. “As far as women’s sanitary napkins are concerned, there is a tax on milk, rice… So, I think the government will know what’s best and how it should be.”

The 43-year-old actor said it is a welcome trend that renowned personalities are offering support to social causes and using their popularity for the greater good.

“I think it is a good thing, whatever may be the reasons behind this but it is the result that matters. People should stand up, they should talk about things that are important.

“As far as a celebrity is concerned, if I, as a layman, switch on my TV and see a celebrity face on a channel, I will pause and see what he/she is saying because I know them. Thats the biggest plus point of being a celebrity that people are familiar with you. And if they like you, they sometimes listen to you,” she said.

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