Kamal & Rajini’s support to which group of Nadigar Sangam Elections ?

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The Nadigar Sangam elections are just two weeks away from now and the heat is catching up between Vishal and Sarathkumar. The current office bearers led by President Sarathkumar and Secretary Radharavi are confident of retaining their posts as they have the support of the majority of drama artists. The Pandavar Ani comprising of Nasser(President), Vishal (Secretary), Karthi (Vice-President) and Ponvannan (Treasurer) with the promise for change are also equally confident.

There is a lot of curiosity in the public and with the industry insiders as well regarding the choice to be made by Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth for which group they would lend their support to. Kamal Hasan has openly declared that he is in support Vishal team by initiating the nomination of his friend Nasser for the post of President with Gauthami seconding him. The decision by the two legends to side the young Vishal team could be the deciding factor in the upcoming elections.

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