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Kangana hides in her vanity van but why?

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The reigning queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut is very well known for her vivid and spunky roles in movies. She is also known as one of the most courageous actresses in the film industry in terms of her opinion, statements, fashion and of course the kind of roles she chooses. What is that one thing that can make her run for her life and scare the living day lights out?

Well recently on the sets of ‘Katti and Batti’, while the shoot was going on, there were rumors of a snake being spotted in and around the sets. When the actress heard about it she started to get restless. When one of the unit members approached her from behind to help with her scene, she got as scared as a mouse thinking it as the snake. She stopped her shooting and immediately ran to her vanity van to hide. She did not come out of the van  for a long time.

Later when she was reassured that the set has been thoroughly checked and no snake has been found, she came out of her van and that too not alone but was assisted with her assistant director to the set.

The whole unit had great fun including Imran Khan, her co actor in the movie and Nikhil Advani, the director. Now we know how to scare stiff Kangana.



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