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Kangana & Irfan Khan in Ketan Mehta’s film

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Irfan Khan and Kangana Ranaut will be coming together for their upcoming movie ‘Ae Mohabbat’. The movie is based on the renowned ghazal and thumri singer Begum Akhtar. The music for the film is going to be composed by the Oscar winning music director, AR Rahman and the movie will be directed by the versatile film maker, Ketan Mehtha.

Producer of the movie, Anup Jotha at an event recently said  “We have grown listening to this music, which was a blessing so that is the reason I wanted to join with Ae Mohabbat Productions and bring out a movie so divine. This is not just a biopic but feature. The script is ready and done, we just have to start. Hope that we release it next year”.

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