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Kangana Ranaut cried for nights together

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The reigning queen of Bollywood, Kanagana Ranaut is well known for her valor and spunk in terms of her fashion, clothing, roles in movies, choice of films and her outspokenness. But recently she has become quite emotional and dewy eyed. It is known to everyone that she is doing a film with Imran Khan called ‘Katti and Batti’ directed by Nikil Advani. It has been reported that during the making of the film, there was a time when she cried every night after shooting the film. She said that for an actor to play such a role is can be very exciting but if your young it will have a deep emotional impact on the mind leaving strong impressions. She added on to say that she used to literally cry every night and the emotional outburst  used to continue for days even after her mom came to take control of the situation. This is the most intense character that she has ever played in her career as reported by her. It was not so long back that even Amir Khan was seen crying after watching the special screening of the film. The movie will be released on September 18th.

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