Kangana Ranaut just lose another film because of the on-going issues ?

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Kangana Ranaut has taken over a very huge load of issues on to her head. Though she is being very brave and heading towards defending her at each step, it is so very visible that she is losing chances to the same issues. It hasn’t been a long while that people were talking that Kangana is going to play lead opposite to Irrfan khan in Sai kabir’s next ‘Divine Love’. But now looks like she just lost the chance.
Irrfan is being sweet whenever someone mentions about it saying, ‘She is totally out of reach now and I would be more than happy to share screen with her only when she plays the Hero and I’ll be doing the Heroine. That is the only way to do justice to the script’. But the truth is, Sai kabir is looking out for a new face for the character. He denied giving reasons why not to consider Kangana. Well, that says a lot Mr. kabir.