Kangana Ranaut Reveals how Bollywood biggies Threatened her!

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Kangana Ranaut Reveals how Bollywood biggies Threatened her!


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut again made another shocking revelation. She claimed that she was threatened to not talk about the controversy involving her alleged former boyfriend Hrithik Roshan. Find out what exactly Rangoon actress has to say.

Kangana Ranaut’s busy promoting Rangoon. And more than just publicising her role in the film, the actress is busy taking several digs at other people. Hrithik Roshan, being on top on her hit list.

There’s not one interview she’s given without blaming or hitting out at Hrithik. Now, in her latest interaction too, she has made a shocking revelation, not just about Hrithik but other industry biggies.

She said, “I was called at big people’s houses. I was told if I open my mouth, I will be finished (referring to her career).” But Kangana claims that ‘it doesn’t make any sense’ anymore. “That chapter is over for me. It is so done and dusted and it doesn’t hold any relevance in today’s time,” Kangana told.

Although she claimed she was threatened by the industry biggies to keep silent on the issue, she also revealed that she was fearless. “I had that (low) phase also but it did not frighten or threaten me because I knew I was not doing anything wrong,” she said.

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