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Karisma & Sanjay Kapoor getting divorced ?

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Karisma Kapoor is married to Sanjay Kapur, who had previously divorced from his first wife, then the child drama and finally the long, never-ending divorce drama. After their first child, the couple fought with each other in front of the media, then patched up, had a second child and again fought, but this time they chose to end the marriage. Sanjay and Karisma may not get divorced.

According to Mumbai Mirror, Sanjay’s mother who currently controls the family’s finance since his father’s demise last year doesn’t approve of Sanjay’s new girlfriend Priya Chatwal. So if Sanjay won’t be able to get the divorce then he cannot marry Priya and neither can Karisma Kapoor movie on and wed her alleged beau Sandeep Toshniwal.

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